The Best Budget Planners in 2024

How often do you overdraw your checking account? Does it always seem like your plans to save for a vacation vanish down the drain? If so, then you need a budget planner. Not just any budget planner will do. It’s important that you insist on the best one available. If you don’t have time to compare all the options, don’t worry.

We’ve done the hard work so that we can present you with a list of eight of the budget planners.

The budget planners on this list were chosen for their ability to help you avoid overdrafts, reduce debt, and build savings accounts. Detailed layouts make all of the difference to your financial success.

Best Budget Planners:

1. Clever Fox Budget Planner & Monthly Bill Organizer

Measuring eight inches wide and just over nine inches long, this planner features a twin-wire binding that allows for plenty of access and convenience. The binding means that the book lies perfectly flat when in use and can be folded back on itself.

With colorful layouts and a quick-start guide, budgeting becomes a pleasure with this planner. It comes in a premium box and the pages are printed on extra-heavy 120 gsm paper to ensure that ink doesn’t bleed through to the other side. More than 192 stickers are included to help highlight important financial dates and events.

One of the things that makes this the budget planner is that you can view an entire month on a two-page spread.

At a glance, you can see your goals, checklist, income, savings, calendar, and monthly budget. It’s never been easier to stay on top of your finances in one clear and easy-to-read layout.

This monthly bill organizer also contains a variety of trackers for subjects such as savings, debt, bills, and Christmas budget. Accordingly, it’s perfect for keeping you focused and on track to meet your goals.

Available in a range of attractive cover colors like black, dark green, purple, rose gold, and turquoise, you’ll want to carry this bill organizer with you everywhere you go.

Few pre-printed labels or categories are included on the layouts, and this leaves you free to tailor this planner to best suit your unique financial circumstances.

Place your bills, receipts, and other financial-related documents in the provided pockets so that you won’t lose any documentation.

Many people love this durable and easy-to-use bill planner. Some users have said that they have finally set up a budget thanks to Clever Fox. If there’s a drawback to this selection, it’s that it is a bit expensive.

The Clever Fox Budget Planner provides the perfect means to finally get on top of your finances.


  • View a whole month on a two-page spread
  • Durable
  • Helps you stay focused on your financial goals


  • A bit expensive

2. GoGirl Budget Planner

If you’re looking for a minimalist budget planner that nonetheless doesn’t skimp on style, then the GoGirl may be the right choice. It comes with fashionable stickers and may be purchased in any one of several covers. The price is pretty affordable too, so it shouldn’t interfere with your efforts to set a budget.

Designed to include a full year of budget planning, this planner is lightweight and has two bookmarks and an inner pocket.

The 120 gsm paper is a nice touch as are the pen loop and elastic strap closure. These things make this planner more convenient, portable, and secure, which helps to ensure that you’ll use it regularly.

The GoGirl is one of the budget planner notebooks because it has monthly layouts for tracking income and expenses in addition to a review of the prior month. You can track your spending, debts, savings, and more. There’s even a spot for a Christmas budget.

People love that this planner helps them to track expenses as they occur. Nonetheless, some users feel it’s just too small to be functional.

Though small, the GoGirl Budget Planner is packed with helpful tools.


  • Stylish design
  • Useful layouts
  • Thick paper


  • May be too small for some users

3. Erin Condren Designer Petite Planner – Budget Book Edition 4


The Erin Condren Petite Planner Budget Book makes it easier to plan your entire life. The financial planner book allows you to keep on top of your finances by simply writing things down. It is easy to use and ensures that you do not miss any important information.

This book features colorful stickers for quick and easy use. These work perfectly with the bill tracker, making it easy to see what you are spending on bills and when they are due.

You can plan for your finances for 12 months, helping you to make short-term and long-term budgeting plans. This means that you can track your finances and make plans for important financial tasks, such as enhancing your credit score.

There are dedicated pages for weekly and monthly spending, as well as goal tracking. This allows for greater organization of your financial goals and spending.

There is a folder built into the journal. Here you can stash your stickers, a few pens, and any other small items that are pertinent to your budget tracking.

It is easy to carry this journal with you. It weighs about five ounces and measures approximately eight by five inches. The durable cover protects your pages and can withstand frequent use and storage in your bag.

If you do not want to get the full bundle, you can purchase the planner alone.

This can save you some money and it still includes all of the necessary financial features to keep you on track. This is a good choice if you have other planners that you use, and are just looking for a financial tracker.

  • Up to 12 months of tracking
  • One quote page to keep you motivated and on track
  • Four debt tracking pages allow you to see exactly where all of your debt is and how it is accumulating


  • Perfectly portable
  • Beautiful design
  • Great level of detail


  • The paper is too thin

4. Legend Budget Planner

Monthly budget planners are among the most useful tools for getting your finances in order. This choice comes with an attractive cover, an elastic strap closure, and colorful stickers.

The 120 gsm paper prevents ink bleed through, and the one-ribbon bookmark is a nice touch. A pen loop keeps your favorite writing instrument at hand while an inner pocket corrals receipts and bills.

This inner pocket may prove inadequate for holding all of these items over the year, so frequent cleaning out is called for.

These undated personal finance planners are designed so that you can start at any time. On the monthly layouts, you can track four goals for the month.

Setting financial goals is one of the most critical things you can do if you’re determined to take control of your money. This smart layout keeps your aims front and center.

Then, there’s a calendar for the month where you can keep track of vital dates. Spots for recording income and savings are included. On the facing page is a monthly budget where you can track your expenses.

With all sorts of layouts for planning and tracking, you’ll be in charge of your income and spending like never before.

Fans of this planner praise its ease of use. Nonetheless, some wish that the writing spaces were larger.

Make this the year that you get a handle on your finances with the Legend Budget Planner.


  • Great tools for organizing finances
  • Thick paper
  • Thoughtful layouts


  • Spaces may be too small for some writers

5. Clever Fox Budget Book 2.0

With its smaller than A5 size, this is the budget planner book if you want to take it everywhere you go.  Additionally, this expense tracker looks great. It features a PU leather hardcover that comes in several colors.

An elastic band keeps the book closed while a pen loop means that you’ll never be without your favorite writing instrument. Use the ribbon bookmark to hold your place. The pearl-white paper is an extra-thick 120 gsm so that you won’t have to worry about bleed-through.

A user manual makes it easy for you to hit the ground running. You also get nearly 146 stickers to make your planning even easier.

This 12-month planner is undated so you can begin at any time. Each month is allotted 10 pages, including two calendar pages and two pages for budgeting and planning.

The other monthly pages include expense trackers and two dot-grid pages for notes, ideas, plans, and a review of the month.

In the back of the notebook, additional features include trackers for savings and debt, a tracker for regular bills, and two pages devoted to an annual summary so that you can track your overall progress.

The Clever Fox Budget Book contains useful and well-planned layouts that are designed to encourage the user to create a budget and financial goals. With a wealth of trackers, you’ll probably find that you’ll be able to focus on and achieve these goals like never before.

Users love features like the pocket inside the back cover and the small size. The high-quality paper is praised as is the inclusion of two dot-grid pages for each month. One of the only flaws noted in this planner is that there’s only one bookmark. It would be nice to have two or three like other Clever Fox offerings.

With an economical price and excellent quality, this Clever Fox product is a smart choice.


  • Compact, portable size
  • Heavy-duty paper that ink won’t bleed through
  • An exceptional collection of layouts for planning every aspect of an annual budget


  • Only one bookmark

6. Monthly Budget Planner

The Michelia ly Weekly Planner is one of the budget planner options. It measures 8.5 by 11 inches, making it relatively easy to carry around with you. It functions in multiple ways, including a monthly budget, a bill organizer, a weekly expense tracker, and a personal finance journal.

This planner allows you to create a free budget every month. This makes it easier to see what you are spending money on. It also helps you to organize your bills and make note of where decreases in your monthly bills are possible.

Track your expenses weekly, from the bills you have for a specific week to the random items you might pick up, such as a morning coffee. This is important because it is common for people to spend small amounts of money frequently without realizing it. For example, that morning coffee or mid-afternoon snack from the vending machine adds up.

Get candid about your finances and any goals you might have regarding them in the personal finance journal component. This is where you can plan to improve your credit, reduce your monthly expenses, or even come up with ideas to earn more money every month.

This planner has 144 pages. The pages are large enough to easily input all of the important information. Use the different elements on each page to ensure your information is well-organized and easy to use for budgeting savings.

Consider using stickers and various ink colors to further organize your information so that it is easy to track.


  • Stylish design
  • Helpful layouts
  • Good tools for tracking debts and expenses


  • The paper is extremely thin

7. Boxclever Press Budget Book

The Boxclever Budget Planner is a solid budget notebook. The ring binding allows the notebook to sit flat, making it easy to write in. It measures 7”x 5.3” inches, so it is a small and portable option. Carry it in your hand or slip it into your favorite handbag or briefcase.

This planner allows you to easily organize your budgets, financial planning, credit cards, and personal accounting. Track your payments and bills, your incoming income, and taxes with the different pages and features.

You can store your receipts in this journal, allowing for simple and accurate monthly spending tracking. There are pages for storing receipts and bills in the form of 12 card pockets.

Keep track of what you are spending daily so that no money is left untracked. You simply jot in this information so that at the end of the day, you can add up any additional spending outside of your normal bills.

There is a special section in this journal where you can keep track of what you spend on special occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays. There are also pages for vacation spending, so you know what you can afford.

These sections are also ideal for saving money specifically for these occasions so that you are never spending outside of your means.

The tracking options allow you to improve your spending. It helps you to determine what you can cut and where you can save money. It also provides space to track your taxes.

This planner is undated, making it easy to organize in a way that best suits your needs. There is a magnetic closure that wraps around the book, keeping it private and secure. The satin ribbon makes it possible to mark your spot.

This planner offers additional pages that you can use as you see fit. Track special expenses, make some financial goals, or simply use these to personalize your notebook.


  • Adorable design
  • Study cover
  • Extra pages for Christmas spending


  • Many people say that this planner is simply too small

8. Budget Planner (Non-Dated), Finance Journal, Expense Tracker

The household budget planners provide you with enough options to keep all of your financial matters in one place. That’s exactly what this selection does. Plus, it lets you take advantage of the highly recommended cash envelope system to keep you on track.

This budget money organizer comes with useful features like a includes 2 thick front and back pockets where receipts and bills are kept. There’s also a page for notes and a calendar layout for each month.

A section for actual versus projected income is helpful, and the Christmas expense tracker is a must.

Pages within the planner include sections for direct debits and bills, extra expenses, incomes, savings, essentials, and day-to-day spending.

The array of planning and budgeting tools is a huge advantage for many users. A few noted that they didn’t receive the cash budgeting envelopes with their purchase.


  • Places to record projected and actual income
  • A Christmas expense tracker


  • The cash envelopes may be missing

9. Mead Organizher Expense Tracker, Budget Planner, Bill Organizer

The Mead Organizher is an ideal household budget planner book, and it is a type of comprehensive financial tracker.

It comes in a three-ring binder style, making it easy to reorganize the pages in a way that best suits your needs. This style also makes it possible for you to add more pages and other paper items to make organization and financial tracking easier.

The bungee closer keeps your information secure and private. The durable cover ensures that the inside contents are protected. You will not have to worry about the cover being worn prematurely.

The monthly format makes it simple to break down your finances into smaller chunks. You can also analyze your finances every month, making it easier to see where positive changes can be made.

Keep track of and analyze your cash flow with the cash flow worksheets. This helps you to see all of your income sources and the total income that you are bringing in.

From here you can determine if you are making enough for your budget, or if you need to find additional income streams to avoid debt.

Track your expenses with special worksheets inside the notebook. Here you can determine which expenses can be cut to reduce your total monthly budget. This also gives you some insight into how much more money you can save as you start to cut down on your expenses.

Inside the notebook are 12 storage pockets. Use these to hold your bills, important financial papers, and pens. These are also ideal for stickers that you can use to personalize your notebook. You can also insert additional storage envelopes if you need to.


  • Includes calendars
  • 12 monthly pockets
  • Helpful layouts for tracking expenses


  • May be too large for portability

Insights and Takeaways

The budget planner is the one that you can use easily. Consider the viable options presented here and look at their specifications.

Ideally, you want to be able to carry your planner around with you. This makes it easier to track every penny that you spend throughout the day. So, make note of the size that will be easily portable for you.

Look at the pages and make sure that they are organized. Different sections for various financial elements are a good choice. These allow you to quickly input information and keep it organized.

Consider added elements, such as a place to keep a pen or a bookmark. These options further add convenience and make it easier to keep track of your expenses. Remember that you need a planner that you will find easy to use so that you use it regularly.

What is most important is that you make a habit of using your budget notebook. Research shows that when you write things down, you are more likely to take them seriously.

Because of this fact, using a journal where you handwrite everything is the best choice. You are increasing your chances of not only crafting a better overall budget, but you are also improving your total financial situation.

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