The Best Productivity Planners in 2024

If you’re not as productive as you could be, you’re not alone. Most people struggle with being stuck in a rut and failing to achieve their goals.

A planner that boosts your productivity may be just what you need to make your dreams come true. We reviewed the best options out there, refining our choices down to the five best.

Each entry on this list has been thoroughly reviewed for its ability to help you set goals, sharpen your focus, and be more productive than ever before. By weeding out the mediocre planners, we’ve left you with the cream of the crop like the Productivity Planner. Any one of these could be perfect.

Best Productivity Planners:

1. Productivity Planner – Daily Planner


Manufactured by Intelligent Change, this entry easily makes our list of daily productivity planner options. The result is that you stand a much better chance of meeting your goals.

The Productivity Planner relies on research and the experience of many productive, successful individuals throughout history to bring you a journal that helps you get beyond those “busy” but unproductive days.

This is a six-month, undated planner that includes a guide for use at the beginning.

Inside the covers, you’ll find daily pages as well as Weekly Planning & Review sections that help you dial up your productivity and beat procrastination.

This is a wonderful planner for people who want to work on successful goal-setting and accomplishing to-do lists. It also features clear, concise layouts and some inspiring quotes.

While it does have shortcomings, this is an excellent entry that deserves to be among the productivity planners. If you’re looking to beat procrastination and get things done, this planner will help.


  • Elegant black cover
  • Ribbon bookmarks
  • Excellent prompts for maximizing productivity
  • Clear layouts


  • Some people feel there isn’t enough room for notes

2. Clever Fox Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner to Increase Productivity

This undated weekly planner lasts for one year. It deserves to be called one of the planners for productivity because it helps you to clarify your goals.

The Clever Fox Planner comes in a variety of colorful covers. Inside, you’ll find three ribbon bookmarks, a pen loop, and an elastic strap for closure.

This planner provides layouts that help you choose priorities. You’ll set goals based on these, and have opportunities to reflect on gratitude and the habits and skills you’d like to acquire.

Monthly and weekly pages help you to plan and track. There’s room for to-do lists and your goals and priorities as well as a reflection on your wins and the things you’d like to improve next week.

Visually, it’s hard to beat the Clever Fox Planner. The more faithful you are to using this planner, the better the rewards you’ll get.

However, you may find that the weekly version doesn’t have enough space for those busy days. You may want to choose the daily version instead. Both versions have many dot-grid pages in the back.

We love the Clever Fox Planner, and while it may have some minor drawbacks, it’s an excellent choice.


  • Available in many colors
  • Pen loop and elastic closure
  • Three ribbon bookmarks
  • Unique goal-setting layouts
  • Weekly tracking to chart your progress


  • Ribbon bookmarks are likely to fray
  • You may need more room for busy weekdays.

3. Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals & Live Happier

The Legend Planner boasts that it can help you “Create a Legendary Life.” That’s no mean claim, but if you want to boost your productivity, then it’s best to aim high.

Thankfully, this is one of the planners for productivity with its emphasis on goal-setting and improving time management.

The Legend Planner contains exercises that help you define your priorities. By giving some thought to the “Awareness & Self Discovery” and “My Vision” layouts, you’ll understand what you want.

Let your imagination run wild as you list 50 of your dreams. Then, get down to specifics with your goals.

Next, you will find monthly and weekly layouts that help you in the step-by-step process of achieving those goals. You’ll discover habit trackers, to-do lists for your personal and professional lives, and spots that are set aside for you to reflect on your successes and how you’ll improve.

Additionally, you’ll find that you can easily keep a calendar so that you won’t forget important dates and events.

The Legend Planner is available in an array of colorful covers that give it a fashionable aesthetic. Plenty of people will probably ask about it when they see it in your hands. The A5 size is easy to carry around, and three bookmarks make it easy to keep track of multiple pages.

3 sheets of stickers help you to highlight those important happenings while an illustrated user guide ensures that you make the most of your year with this planner.

If you’re looking to kick your life into high gear, give the Legend Planner a try.


  • Habit tracker
  • Goal-setting tools
  • Clear, concise layouts


  • Each day is given only a portion of a page rather than a full-page

4. GoGirl Planner

Cute productivity planners can be hard to find, but this is one of them. The first thing you’ll notice about the GoGirl Planner is its chic, understated cover, which is available in several colors.

What counts is what’s on the inside. Fortunately, the GoGirl Planner has plenty to recommend with its unique layouts in which you create a vision for yourself and start setting goals for all aspects of your life. This is an especially important exercise because you will find it much easier to boost your productivity when you know what you want and why.

You’ll start to get even more focused on the following pages. For instance, you’ll be challenged to choose five goals, and then list the steps that you will take to achieve them. Remember to be specific, as this will help you over the long term.

Once your goals are set, you will find plenty of reminders about them on the monthly and weekly layouts. Spaces for recording the week’s and month’s priorities, to-do lists, and notes help to keep you on your toes and ensure that you’re always working toward your productivity goals.

Each monthly layout is a full two pages so that you have space to record all of the important events and appointments. Use the included stickers to make certain dates and happenings stand out from the rest. Not only will you get more done but also you’ll take control of your schedule.

With its cool aesthetic and useful layouts, the GoGirl Planner may help you achieve your most productive year ever.


  • Compact size
  • Useful productivity tools
  • Multiple ways to track goals and projects


  • Some people find that the spaces are too small to write in

5. Black Daily by Panda Planner

This hardcover productivity diary is designed for use during one quarter of the year. It is undated so that you can start whenever you like. Available in a range of colors.

Several business publications have given awards to the Panda Planner. For the right person, it is an excellent choice because it relies on neuroscience and positive psychology to bolster optimism and productivity at the same time.

This planner has monthly, weekly, and daily sections to keep you organized. Also included with the purchase are numerous ebooks and a video course to get you started.

Helpful sections in the planner include spaces for planning projects and goals and for tracking habits. You’ll also find plenty of prompts for gratitude, affirmations, and your passions along with space for keeping track of your daily and weekly schedule.

Wonderful concepts are behind the Panda Planner, and it is a helpful tool for many people. However, users may be frustrated by the price and the one-quarter. Think carefully before you buy.


  • Helpful, creative prompts to get you going
  • An elegant, colorful cover
  • Based on neuroscience and positive psychology


  • Only lasts for one quarter
  • Ribbon bookmarks seem to pull out of the binding too easily
  • The price is high for a planner that must be purchased four times per year

6. Ifocus Weekly Project Planner Notebook for Business Productivity Planner

This productivity journal is geared toward entrepreneurs, but it could work for anyone who wants to focus, get productive, and put procrastination in its place. The iFocus planner features full-week planner pages that include project tracking and an hourly schedule.

On the daily pages, you’ll find prompts for scheduling tasks, taking notes, and tracking your projects. You’ll also have a place to record urgent tasks. One thing to be aware of is that this is a 90-day planner. The publisher insists that this short-term planning is the key to success.

Nonetheless, many people believe that a planner should include six months to one year. If you’re one of these people, then look elsewhere.

For those of you who appreciate the short format, you’ll enjoy the elegant, embossed cover, ribbon bookmarks, and elastic strap closure.

Even better is what you’ll find inside. There are tools here to help you sharpen your focus so that you can get more done. Using this planner could give you the most productive three months of your life.

The iFocus Productivity Planner looks great and works even better. However, it pays to be aware that it only lasts for three months before you need another one.


  • Beautiful, embossed cover
  • Ribbon bookmarks
  • Helpful layouts for strategizing
  • Lets you get into plenty of detail day by day


  • Only lasts for three months
  • Expensive for a planner that must be purchased several times per year

7. Titan Planner – The First Productivity Planner based on the Scientific Concept of Backward Planning

This planner is a titan in several ways. At 256 pages, it’s massive. It also features a hardcover, so it’s not necessarily the smallest and most portable planner. Nonetheless, this is an excellent tool if you’re looking to kick your life into high gear with unprecedented productivity.

Inside you’ll find places to track Morning and Evening Rituals as well as your annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Many pages have inspirational quotes, and you’ll find spots to record a gratitude list. You’ll also find a layout for Victories of the Day and the Titan Checklist.

The Titan Planner is based on the science of backward planning, a strategy used by the likes of Jeff Bezos and Oprah. You start with your “Titan” goal and then work backward, visualizing how you will achieve it.

This enables you to chart specific milestones that will guide you along the way. It also means that you can look ahead to see where you’ll need to expend the most time and energy. This planner is no bargain, but those who have tried it swear by the results.

While it’s not the easiest planner to pack around, the Titan Planner has some amazing tools. It might be exactly what you need to drive your success.


  • Clear, concise layouts
  • Innovative ideas and design
  • Lasts for one year


  • Expensive


Naming the productivity planners is not an easy task, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one. When you think about it, who wouldn’t want to get more done in less time? This means that you are free to use your leftover time however you prefer, be that with your family or planning your next professional project.

That’s why each of the planners listed here goes well beyond being a simple journal where you can write down appointments and meetings.

Instead, these planners are designed to encompass your entire life including your professional, personal, and spiritual goals. This makes it possible for you to maximize every facet of your life so that you can live up to your potential.

Now it’s time for you to look a little further into the productivity planner of your choice. Start today so that tomorrow can be a brighter, more productive day that shuts down procrastination.

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