Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books in 2024

Adult coloring is a fantastic stress reducer, but it’s the most fun and relaxing when you have the right supplies.

Because we know how vital the right markers are, we tested dozens of possibilities. After all of those experiments, we found 10 of the absolute best, and now we’re bringing them to you. Keep reading to explore the markers for adult coloring.

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books:

1. Copic Premium Artist Markers – 72-Color Set A


Although they are expensive, there are likely no better markers for adult coloring. They come in a clear plastic case to keep you organized. These permanent markers are alcohol-based and non-toxic. When it dries, the ink is acid-free.

One of the other reasons why this set contains the best markers for adult coloring is the sheer diversity of hues. It’s difficult to imagine needing anything beyond these 72 colors that range from the palest to the richest hues.

What’s more, the ink applies smoothly and blends like a dream. One of the factors that makes these markers worth the price is that they are refillable. Simply refill the ink and replace a damaged nib to make your marker as good as new.

Users say that whether you’re a budding or professional artist, these markers are winners. However, some say that they’re just too expensive.


  • A great selection of colors
  • Permanent, alcohol-based ink
  • Refillable with replaceable nibs


  • Expensive

2. Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers, Fine Point, 24 Count

With an economical price and saturated colors, these fine-tipped markers may be just what you need for adult coloring. If you like, you can even use these pens on metal, plastic, and a variety of other surfaces.

As the name suggests, each of these markers does provide a burst of color. They are really deep, vibrant hues yet they dry fast and are resistant to fading and water. Each marker is AP-certified.

These great markers for adult coloring books come in colors like Power Pink, Racey Red, and Jetset Blue to take your coloring to the next level. The fine tip allows you to make precision as well as bold marks.

Artists love being able to use these bright markers on their coloring books. They are an excellent value, and many users say that they last forever even if they aren’t used often. Nonetheless, some complain that the ink bleeds through to the next page.


  • Gorgeous colors
  • Excellent value
  • Pens can be used on many surfaces


  • The ink may bleed through the paper

3. Ohuhu Markers, 48-color Art Marker Set for Architectural Design

One thing that immediately makes these markers stand out from the competition is their dual-end tips. One is broad while the other is fine, letting you take your coloring to the next level.

This is an excellent value as you get 48 permanent, alcohol-based markers for a surprisingly low price. Ohuhu is a respected name in markers, so you can trust that these will work like a dream.

These adult coloring book markers come in 48 bright and vibrant hues. The ink is designed to resist fading and blend easily with the other included colors.

Thanks to the fast-drying ink, you won’t have to worry about smears and smudges.

New and seasoned artists love being able to use alcohol-based markers without breaking the bank. Nonetheless, some express the wish that more flesh tones were included in the set.


  • A remarkable value for 40 markers
  • Bright, saturated colors
  • Come in a nice organizer


  • The collection lacks flesh tones

4. Prismacoor 3620 Premier Double-ended Art Markers

This set of 12 markers features pens that have double tips. One is fine while the other is a chisel, making it easy to fill in both tiny and large areas. In fact, because of their quality, many consider these the fine-tip markers for coloring books.

These Prismacolor markers are ideal for beginners and accomplished artists alike.

These are premium pens with alcohol, dye-based ink that provides you with an incredibly smooth application of rich colors.

The proprietary ink formula is designed to promise an effortless flow that allows coloring to be a joy.

Artists praise the basic colors that come with this set, which makes it a great starting point for a permanent markers collection. However, these inks may bleed through the page.


  • Excellent quality
  • A good selection of basic colors
  • Double-ended with fine and chisel tips


  • The ink bleeds through the paper

5. Pentel Arts Color Pen, Set of 36


This is another set of economical, reliable markers that are ideal for adult coloring. With water-based ink, the colors aren’t quite as saturated, and it may not be as durable as alcohol-based ink.

Nonetheless, these have a generous supply of ink, making them the markers for coloring if you plan to heavily indulge in your hobby.

Each marker in the set features a durable fiber tip that creates radiant lines. Experienced artists frequently are surprised by the quality and durability of the markers in this set.

They remark that even after using many higher-end options, they still like these for their price, ability to blend, and selection of colors.

Nonetheless, several people say that you must create a color chart for these pens because the color of the marker typically is quite different from the way that the color appears on the paper.


  • A big set for a little money
  • Large ink supply in each marker
  • Good quality and durability


  • Must create a color chart because depicted colors are different from actual colors

6. Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol-Based Dual Tip Art Markers


With 72 markers in a nylon case, this collection is a good deal. Each marker contains an alcohol-based ink that’s low-odor and toxic-free. The ink dries quickly for smear-free work. Thanks to an alcohol base, the ink is waterproof.

With two tips these are excellent alcohol markers for coloring books. One end features a broad chisel while the other is a fine point. Accordingly, details and wide areas can be easily colored.

Because you get 71 colors, these are good markers for coloring. The remaining marker is a colorless blender, which may be useful for coloring. These markers come with a one-year guarantee.

The flattened shape of the marker barrel keeps the pens from rolling off the table, and the handled carrying bag makes coloring on the go a breeze.

Artists love the colors and the blender. Even though these markers are inexpensive, people say that they function like they cost a lot more. Nonetheless, some coloring enthusiasts wish that this set had more pastel colors.


  • A one-year guarantee
  • Comes with a blending marker
  • A flat shape keeps markers on the tabletop


  • The collection could use more pastel colors

7. Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Broad Line Markers – 40 Classic Colors


If you’re looking for coloring book markers that won’t break the bank and give you plenty of options, then this collection from Crayola is ideal.

Keep in mind that the ink in these markers is washable, an important consideration if you’ll be coloring with your kids.

The markers have bright, true colors, yet the ink can be washed from your hands, clothing, or walls.

Wonderful colors like Infra-Red, Electric Lime, Turquoise Surf, Tropical Violet, and Sandy Tan are included.

Each marker has a broad line tip that’s great for coloring, though they aren’t ideal for getting into those tiny details. People love using them for coloring, especially when the kids get involved. The four-inch size may be a drawback as these may need to be frequently replaced.


  • Washable ink
  • Great, saturated colors
  • A vibrant selection of hues


  • Small markers may need to be replaced frequently

8. Chameleon Art Products, Chameleon Color Tones – Complete Set

Among marker sets for coloring, this is one of the more expensive options. However, many artists consider this collection to be an essential part of their supply arsenal.

This is because these remarkable pens are capable of creating diverse effects like transitions, shading, highlighting, and graduations.

The two tips on each pen include a soft Japanese brush nib and a bullet nib. With use, each pen goes from just a hint of color to a much deeper hue, giving you all sorts of creative latitude.

Artists love that you get so many different gradations in color from a single pen. The only problem is that it takes practice to wield this feature with skill. While people love being able to refill the ink and replace the nibs, some are impatient with how long it takes to learn how to use these markers.


  • Unsurpassed blending ability
  • Get endless color combinations with 52 pens
  • Two tips, including a brush tip


  • A steep learning curve is associated with these markers

9. Arteza Real Brush Pens, 96 Colors for Watercolor Painting


Flexible nylon brush tips make these the art markers for coloring if you want your experience to feel more like painting.

In addition, to having superior brush tips, these markers come with a deluxe carrying case that has 108 slots, which means that you’ll have room to keep a few of your other favorite markers with this set of 96.

Thanks to the flexible brush tip, these markers are perfect for drawing, calligraphy, and creating watercolor effects. A water brush pen is included to enhance this effect.

The water-based ink works well for creating fine lines, and gradients, or is used with a dry technique.

Users love that the number and name of each color are included on the markers. They also are praised for being comfortable to hold. Nonetheless, new artists are bound to need time to adjust to the brush tips.


  • Brush tips are capable of creating incredible effects
  • Great variety of colors
  • Better-than-average carrying case


  • It takes time to learn how to use the brush tips

10. Sakura XBR-24SA 24-Piece Koi Assorted Coloring Brush Pen Set

Coloring supplies for adults don’t get any better than this. It’s a set of 24 brush pens that have been inked with a water-based, odorless solvent for layering and blending.

The tips are especially durable so that they spring back to their original shape after use.

Because of the brush tips, these pens can be used to make fine, medium, and bold marks. All the artist has to do is control the pressure placed on the nib.

People love using these markers in adult coloring books because it makes them feel like a painter. Plus, the ability to change line widths with pressure is appreciated. Occasionally, some users express concern that the inks are not lightfast.


  • Brush tips
  • It makes everyone feel like a painter
  • Change line thickness by varying pressure


  • The ink may not be lightfast

Factors to Consider

Professional coloring markers are not an absolute must. However, they do enable you to create shadings, gradations, and other effects. It’s just as sensible not to go with the cheapest markers. Their performance will leave you unhappy, and your finished pieces may not be durable.

Most experienced artists recommend alcohol-based inks. These inks are less likely to leave streaks, and they also provide enhanced opportunities for blending and layering.

On the downside, alcohol-based inks may have a strong odor.

Water-based inks give you dramatic color, but they dry slowly. These inks also may damage paper if you’re using several layers.

Barrel shape is another critical factor. Round, oval, flat, and more options are available. Spend some time holding various options in your hands, and color with them for at least 20 minutes before making a decision.

Making the Decision

Copic markers are probably the top markers for adult coloring books. The collection has lots of colors, and the ink blends well.

If those are too expensive, then choose the Ohuhu alcohol markers instead. For an affordable price, you can get 40 excellent colors with double tips.

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