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The Best Papers for Acrylic Painting in 2023

by Sarah Jones
15 minutes read
Best Papers for Acrylic Painting

Have you been disappointed by paper buckling when it dried after painting? In this post, we let you know what the 10 best papers for acrylic paint are.

We have dabbled in acrylic painting and found through trial and error what types of paper are suitable. Having the best paper for acrylic paint instead of mediocre paper makes the experience of painting more enjoyable and delivers professional quality. Now it’s time to show you which papers are great for acrylic painting.

Best Papers for Acrylic Painting:

1. Canson XL Series Oil & Acrylic Paper Pad

Canson XL Series Oil and Acrylic Paper Pad, Bleed Proof Canvas Like Texture, Fold Over, 136 pound, 11 x 14 Inch, White, 24 Sheets

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Do you like the feeling of canvas? The Canson XL Series Oil & Acrylic Paper Pad has a canvas-like texture. Your acrylic and oil paints won’t bleed through the paper. You also don’t need to prime or prep this paper before painting it. This paper can use is with charcoal, pastels, and pencil.

Some acrylic paper pads only have 10 sheets, but this one has a good amount at 24. The Canson XL Series Oil & Acrylic Paper Pads are available in 5.5″ x 8.5″, 9″ x 12″, and 11″ x 14″ sizes.

Consumers love this paper for its sturdiness and value for money. People who mix water with their acrylic paints say the paper warps. You can limit this problem by using thinners instead of water.

We have found the Canson XL Series Oil & Acrylic Paper Pad some of the best paper used for acrylic painting. It’s affordable and displays acrylic paints well.

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2. Bellofy Painting Pro Series Painting Paper Pad

Bellofy Painting Paper Pad - 25 Sheets / 50 Pages - Acrylic Oil Watercolor Cold Pressed Rough Finish Paper for Painting - 9 x 12 inches, 246 lB / 400 GSM - Art Paper for Kids - Watercolor Sketchbooks

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The Bellofy Painting Pro Series Painting Paper Pad can handle acrylics mixed with water as well as watercolor and oil paints. It has a paperweight of 400 gsm. The sheets can be conveniently torn out of the pad.

This heavyweight art paper features a rough finish and prevents bleed-through. Each pad contains 25 sheets. Whether you use mixed media or just acrylics, this is quality paper for your artwork. The paper is also suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Consumers say this art paper is thick and takes acrylic paint well. Some had trouble with the paper pilling when they tried painting with watercolor.

We recommend this art paper for acrylic paint if you enjoy mixing water with your acrylic paints because the paper is thick enough to handle it. Acrylic paint without water also looks wonderful on this paper.

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3. Royal Langnickel Essentials Acrylic Artist Pad

Royal Langnickel 22-Sheet Oil and Acrylic Essentials Artist Paper Pad, 9-Inch by 12-Inch

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This paper for acrylic paint is on the smooth side rather than having a rough, canvas-like texture. Although it works well for acrylic paint, it’s not suitable for oil or watercolor. The paper has a weight of 200 gsm.

Each pad has 22 sheets of paper and top binding. The paper has an off-white color that some people prefer over bright white.

Most consumers are happy with the quality of this paper for acrylic painting, but some thought the paper wasn’t thick enough. Others were disappointed they couldn’t use oil and watercolor on it.

If you don’t like painting on extremely thick paper, the Royal Langnickel Essentials Acrylic Artist Pad is a good choice for you. It has a smooth surface with a subtle texture.

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4. Strathmore 200 Series Good Paper Pad

Strathmore (25-309 200 Series Canvas Paper Pad, 9 x 12, 10 Sheets

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Acrylic paint on this drawing paper shows up great and doesn’t bleed through. The paper is 187 gsm and has a canvas-like textured finish.

You can use it for drawings intended to last a long time because it’s acid-free. Many people, however, choose to use the Strathmore 200 Series Good Canvas Paper for practice. The downside of this canvas paper pad is it only has 10 sheets. If you paint frequently, you’ll run out fast.

Many consumers say this paper works well for acrylic painting, but some people had trouble with wrinkling when they mixed water with their acrylics. Oil paints also display well on this paper.

We recommend the Strathmore 200 Series Good Canvas Paper for practicing acrylic painting without water added. Just pick up more than one pad since each only has 10 sheets.

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5. Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Paper Pad

Strathmore (310-9) 300 Series Canvas Pad, 9"x12

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The Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Paper Pad is designed for practicing acrylic and oil painting. It has a paperweight of 187 gsm and a canvas texture.

If you like painting on black paper, you’ll be happy to know a black paper version is available. You can create dramatic effects on this high-quality black paper for acrylic and oil painting. The Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Paper Pad is also available in flip cover and wire-bound options.

You can use a lot of different media on this paper pad besides acrylics, including oils, egg tempera, alkyds, and casein.

Consumers like the canvas texture and quality of this paper. Many people use it in art classes and for practice. If you mix water with your acrylics, expect some dimpling of the paper.

This paper pad is great for school and practice. You’ll also want to choose this pad if you want to paint on black paper. Because it’s acid-free, you can expect your paintings to last a long time without yellowing.

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6. U.S. Art Supply Acrylic Paper Pad

U.S. Art Supply (Pack of 2 Pads) - 11" x 14

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Each U.S. Art Supply Acrylic Paper Pad has 12 sheets of paper. Two pads come with each pack, and you can choose between 11″ x 14″ and 9″ x 12″. Different from the above paper pads, this one has a top wire binding.

The paper is acid-free with a neutral pH to prevent deterioration caused by time. It’s very heavyweight and has a nice texture. You won’t experience bleeding problems when using acrylic paint.

Consumers describe the paper as very absorbent and thick. Some people thought it was too absorbent. A few said it wasn’t of the quality they were expecting.

The U.S. Art Supply Acrylic Paper Pad is a good 400 gsm practice pad for acrylic painting. If you’ve been wanting paper with greater absorbency, you may want to try this pad.

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7. Royal Langnickel Acrylic Artist Paper Pad

essentials(TM) Acrylic Artist Paper Pad 5"X7

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The Royal Langnickel Essentials Acrylic Paint Artist Pad is great for sketching, painting, and practicing. It has 200 gsm of paper with a canvas-like texture. You can add a little water to your acrylics without the paper bending.

If you layer heavily in your acrylic art, then this paper might not be the best choice. For those with lighter styles, it’s a quality budget find. 15 sheets are in each pad.

Consumers are happy with how good their acrylic paintings and sketches turn out on this paper. They don’t recommend paper for heavy layering or a lot of water mixed in with your acrylics.

Royal Langnickel Essentials Acrylic Paint Artist Pad is one of the best small paper pads for acrylic painting and sketching. It has good texture and absorbency. You’ll want to choose different paper, however, if you add many layers or a lot of water to your acrylic paint.

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8. Canson Montval Artist Acrylic Paper Pad

Canson Artist Series Montval Acrylic Pad, Sized Heavyweight No-Buckle Paper, Fold Over, 185 Pound, 16 x 20 Inch, 10 Sheets

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Are you in need of large acrylic paper? The Canson Montval Artist Acrylic Paper Pad has a 16″ x 20″ option. This high-quality artist pad is pre-primed, acid-free, and 400 gsm.

It doesn’t have problems with buckling. The paper also has an ideal level of absorbency for acrylic painting. We recommend using this paper for your final painting and other artwork you want to display or sell.

The Canson Montval Artist Acrylic Paper Pad is also available in 12″ x 16″ and 9″ x 12″ sizes if you want a smaller size than the 16″ x 20″.

Consumers confirm this paper is great for acrylic painting even if you like to add water to your acrylics. They also like that the paper is pre-primed and has a nice texture.

The Canson Montval Artist Acrylic Paper Pad is an excellent choice for artists who want to sell or hang up their paintings. It has a large size available, and the paper is of high quality.

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9. Grumbacher 9″ x 12″ Acrylic Paper Pad with In & Out Pages, 140 lb. / 300 GSM, Side Wired, 24 White Sheets/Pad, 1 Each

Grumbacher 9" x 12" Acrylic Paper Pad with In & Out Pages, 140 lb. / 300 GSM, Side Wired, 24 White Sheets/Pad, 1 Each

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This paper for acrylic painting has a paperweight of 300 gsm, giving you an option for something in between the commonplace 200 and 400 gsm papers. It features an embossed texture as well. Acrylic markers and pens look just as great on this paper as acrylic paints.

Not only can you remove pages from this paper pad, but you can also stick them back inside again. This makes it easy for you to scan your artwork. You can also paint on the paper while it’s removed from the pad, then return it once you’re done.

People who have used this paper pad say the sheets are easy to remove and re-insert. They say the quality of the paper is excellent as well.

Grumbacher In & Out Pages Acrylic Paper Pad gives you flexibility in acrylic painting. You can pull the sheets out to easily paint on your easel, then stick them back inside the pad.

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10. Arteza Acrylic Pad

ARTEZA 11x14” Acrylic Pad, Pack of 2, 32 Sheets (246lb/400gsm), 16 Sheets Each, Glue Bound Artist Acrylic Paper Pads, Ideal for Acrylic Painting

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Are you looking for a landscape artist’s pad for acrylic painting? We recommend the Arteza Acrylic Pad. This pack comes with two 11″ x 14″ pads with 16 sheets of high-quality acrylic drawing paper.

The paper is 400 gsm, so you can paint without worrying about bleed-through. It’s also acid-free to keep your artwork looking great for a long time. The linen texture is comfortable to paint on and provides the right amount of absorbency. Sheets are easy to detach from the artist’s pad without ripping them.

Many consumers enjoy using the Arteza Acrylic Pad for acrylic painting. Their artwork turns out well on paper without buckling or warping issues.

The Arteza Acrylic Pad is a great choice for people who like linen textures and need heavyweight paper for their acrylic art.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Paper for Acrylic Paint

What paper is used for acrylic painting? You can use any paper that’s thick enough to handle this medium. If it’s too thin, acrylic paint will bleed through it.

Paper Weight:

Paper thickness is measured in terms of paper weight. The higher the paper weight, the thicker the paper is. The ideal paper weight for acrylic paint is 200–400 gsm.

If you frequently use water-mixed acrylic paint or apply many layers, you’ll need a paper on the heavier side. Water on thinner paper can cause buckling. You can also choose a paper that’s designed to prevent buckling.

The paper you use for acrylic paint should be durable. Acid-free paper is often more durable than paper that isn’t acid-free. All of the papers on this top 10 list are known to be durable for acrylic painting. Paper made from linen or linen pulp is also usually good in terms of durability.


Another benefit of acid-free paper is it won’t deteriorate over time as other paper does. Acidic paper yellows and becomes hard and brittle. For any artwork intended to last a long time, always choose acid-free paper. When it comes to practicing, either type of paper is fine.

Paper texture:

Pay attention to the texture of the paper you choose. For acrylic painting, you shouldn’t use paper that’s too glossy, smooth or oily because it won’t provide enough tooth for effectively absorbing pigments.

If you prefer smooth paper over rough paper, you can find acrylic paper that’s on the smoother side, but still expect it to have some roughness. Cold-pressed paper is on the rougher side, perfect for dramatic and expressive artwork.

Hot-pressed paper is smoother in comparison. When you’re new to acrylic painting, it will take experimenting with different types of paper to discover your personal style and preferences.


Do you dislike the priming process? Choose paper that’s pre-primed to avoid having to do that step when painting.

What materials will be used:

Another factor to consider when choosing paper is whether or not you plan on using other media in addition to your acrylic paints. Some brands of paper are only suitable for acrylics. The product description will specify which media can be used on the paper. You can certainly try other media that’s not listed, but be aware it might not turn out well.

Making the Decision

We consider the Canson XL Series the best paper for acrylic paint because it can handle both acrylic and oil without bleeding through. It has a canvas-like texture that absorbs pigment well, and you don’t need to prime it.

If you need paper larger than 11″ x 14″, we recommend the Canson Montval Artist Pad. All of the paper on this list is great for acrylic painting, so it comes down to which you think is most suitable for your needs.


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