The Best Refillable Planners in 2024

Many people prefer the quality and consistency of a refillable planner. Typically, these products have an elegant, reusable cover and boast the ability to be refilled with identical pages year after year. The refillable planners provide plenty of customization and variety.

With dozens of options on the market, narrowing down the field can be difficult. This review consists of eight refillable planners, each of which has undergone extensive testing to determine just how effective it is.

If you are in the market for a refillable planner that works, then one of these choices could be ideal for you.

Best Refillable Planners:

1. MALEDEN Spiral Bound Refillable Traveler Notebook


With a choice of nearly half a dozen attractive covers, it may be hard for you to choose which one you like best. Some covers are geared toward travel while others highlight the natural world. Regardless, they all have an Old-World look that is undoubtedly attractive.

Also attractive is the soft yet durable imitation leather out of which the cover is constructed. This material was chosen to last for years. Inside the cover is an unlined craft paper that is suitable for use with virtually any pen.

The cover also features a zippered pouch and six card slots. This refillable planner is available in either an A6 size or a 5.6″ by 7.4″ size.

Customers rave about the quality of the product at a price point. However, some people wish that the included paper was thicker.

The beautifully designed covers make this refillable planner an excellent choice. Upgrade with thicker paper to make it perfect.


  • Beautifully designed artwork
  • Includes card slots and pouch
  • Easy to refill with a replacement notebook


  • The included paper may not be quite thick enough for some pens
  • Genuine leather would be a nice addition

2. A5 Loose Leaf Brown Refillable Leather Journal by Grope

The elegant cover on this A5-size binder is all business and completely elegant. Choose the coffee or black covers for a timeless look or make a statement with the blue, orange, or red covers. Each one is constructed of PU leather for affordability.

Low priced, it’s easy to see why many people love this product.

Inside the cover of this refillable planner are four card slots. A pen holder is located on the right side as is a strap that’s equipped with a magnetic button. The binder features six rings so that it may accommodate almost any A5-size notebook.

Included with the cover are 80 sheets of lined 100g paper.

Customers who have purchased this refillable planner say that even though the cover is not genuine leather, it looks and feels sufficiently like the real thing. Critics note that thicker pens may not fit in the holder and difficult to find suitable refills.

Pick up this option if you’re in the market for a businesslike, elegant refillable planner.


  • Beautiful cover
  • Magnetic closure
  • Pen holder


  • Bigger pens may not fit the pen holder
  • Refill notebooks may be difficult to find

3. MONTEXOO Handmade Large 8″ Embossed  Refillable Leather Bound Journal


With highly detailed Celtic flavor, there is no mistaking the personality and individuality of this item. Despite being advertised as handmade, this product comes for an affordable price, which makes it a bargain. Some people may not like the ornate detail on the cover, but the right person is likely to fall in love with it.

Each cover is equipped with 120 sheets of recycled biomass paper, which is unlined to provide the ultimate versatility.

The cover is a genuine cowhide with a natural threaded binding. A sturdy metal latch on the front of the cover keeps things secure even on the go.

Fans of this product say that the cover is genuine cowhide and that the embossing on the cover looks great. The paper is of high quality as well, making for a sensible purchase.

Nonetheless, some critics do wish that the pages would lie flat for easier use.

Anyone who has a fascination for planners and all things Celtic won’t be able to resist the beauty of this product.


  • Genuine leather cover
  • Rich, gorgeous color
  • High-quality paper


  • The paper does not lie flat for easy writing or drawing

4. CAGIE Refillable Binder Journal

Available in brown, black, and blue, this A5-size refillable planner boasts several desirable details. The metal hasp closure is an attractive and useful touch as is the pen holder and the several card slots.

Six-ring binders hold a suitable notebook in place. The cover is constructed of high-quality imitation leather.

Upon delivery, this refillable planner includes one title page, a blank one-sheet calendar, 62 lined pages, eight sheets of grid layout, and eight sheets of blank pages. Refills that contain either 80 sheets of grid layout or 80 sheets of lined pages also are available from the manufacturer.

People who love this product praise the color and the quality of the cover. They also like having a variety of pages, though some people expressed a desire for having all lined, graph, or blank pages instead of a variety. Some users note that the pen holder isn’t sturdy.

With a simple, elegant cover, this refillable planner will make it easy for anyone to look polished and professional.


  • Beautiful cover colors
  • Metal hasp for closure
  • A fairly good variety of pages included


  • Threads on the cover may come apart
  • The pen holder may not be durable

5. Refillable A5 Journal With Pen Holder Orange PU Soft Cover Leather Journal  by Grope

With its distinctive orange cover, this refillable planner is in no danger of getting lost in the crowd. Also equipped with a magnetic closure. This makes it a choice that is at once affordable and fashionable.

Inside the imitation leather cover are several card slots, including one that has a clear plastic cover. A pen holder keeps your favorite writing instrument secure, and the six-ring binder safely holds an A5-size notebook.

The off-white paper does not cause unnecessary eye fatigue. Each sheet is lined and features a spot for the date at the top. In all, 80 sheets of 100g paper are included.

Reviewers say that they appreciate the luxe feel of this product, especially at such an affordable price. The unusual orange color of the cover is a hit too. However, some people believe that the planner is a bit too thick for everyday transport.

With its emphasis on clean lines and no-fuss styling, this refillable planner is a winner.


  • Distinctive cover color
  • Off-white paper for less eye fatigue
  • Metallic closure


  • May not fit easily into all bags and purses

6. Refillable Leather Binder Journal Cat Notebook

The ideal choice for the cat-loving fashion enthusiast, this adorable yet functional refillable planner is a delight. Available in a green or pink cover, each planner has a cute closure that’s designed to look like a cat. Behind the embossed cat’s face is a magnetic closure that keeps the contents of the planner secure.

Inside the cover are card slots, a pen holder, and six rings for holding an A6-size notebook. Each inside cover also features a folder for extra storage. The paper includes lined, grid, and blank pages to allow for plenty of versatility.

This faux leather planner is a great choice for the budget-conscious individual. Unsurprisingly, fans of this product are in love with the cat-shaped magnetic closure as well as the color on the cover. People also praise its quality construction and lightweight.

Still, some people wish that the included paper was thicker.

This refillable planner is certain to be a hit with anyone who loves animals and cute, feminine touches.


  • Adorable cat motif
  • Pretty green or pink covers
  • Nice variety of page styles


  • The included paper is pretty thin

7. EsOffice Refillable Planner

With its vintage look and imitation leather cover, this refillable planner will delight anyone with an eye for timeless style. The magnetic buckle closure is convenient while the inside cover boasts card clots and a pen holder.

This A5-size planner is perfect for packing up and going. Six stainless steel rings hold the notebook in place. Upon arrival, it is equipped with light beige paper that is easier on the eyes than a bright white. A total of 200 sheets, or 100 pages, is included.

Standard planner features like name and address pages, tables of weights and measures, world holidays, and international airport abbreviations are included as well as lined sheets.

Users praise how slim this planner is while still being able to contain a great deal of information. Still, some note that the included paper is pretty thin.

Many people love the imitation leather cover, which is well-designed. Use higher quality paper to make this product ideal.


  • High-quality clasp
  • Attractive cover with embossed clock design
  • Beige paper that minimizes eye fatigue


  • The included paper is thin and not for use with pens that have heavy ink flow

8. Cambridge Limited Refillable Notebook

This is a pricier option than some others on this list. However, the gorgeous imitation leather cover is a huge plus, and some people will love the color-coordinated Cambridge Limited Business Notebook inside the cover.

The two-tone, black, and blue cover is nothing short of elegant. It can be refilled with any 8 1/4″ by 11″ notebook.

Full zipper closure ensures that the contents of this planner are always safe and secure. Inside the front cover are numerous card slots, including one with a clear plastic front. Flap pockets on the inside cover provide extra storage space.

The included notebook features 50 pages of lined paper.

Fans of this refillable planner love its looks and quality. They note that it’s easy to find inexpensive spiral notebooks to use as refills. However, critics say that the pen holder is poorly placed so it interferes with the zipper.

If you are looking for a cool refillable planner that looks professional without sacrificing style, this may be perfect.


  • Beautiful, two-tone cover
  • Comes with a color-coordinated notebook
  • Full zipper closure


  • The pen holder may interfere with the zipper

Making the Decision

When you have a gorgeous and durable cover (if not, you can fix it immediately by looking for a hardcover notebook, it makes sense to use it repeatedly.

Plus, you get incredible versatility by using the paper of your choice inside the cover. If you need thicker paper to accommodate your pen choice, that is a possibility. Whether you want blank, lined, or grid pages, this is your choice as well.

Several options have been presented here, each one representing a high-quality and reliable choice. While some are designed for maintaining a professional image at work, others have decidedly whimsical touches to cater to your unique personality.

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