Clever Fox Budget Planner Review

When was the last time you took a thorough look at your finances? Do you find yourself wondering if you are saving enough for your future or even if you can afford a pizza for dinner tonight?

Our finances play a huge role in our quality of life and keeping track of our budget is key. But figuring out where to start can seem like an overwhelming task. Or perhaps you are familiar with budgeting and are looking to step up your finance game.

Whether you consider yourself a budget master or have never created a budget in your life, the Clever Fox Budget Planner can work for you. If your goal is to pay off debt, save for a vacation, or plan for retirement, this elegant and organized planner is perfect for setting your personal goals and staying on track.

Clever Fox Budget Planner Review:

Get your finances in order and motivate yourself to reach your financial goals with this top-of-the-line budget planner. Not only will you be able to seamlessly keep track of your monthly budget, but you will also have the ability to plan and set your personal financial goals.

In no time you will find yourself paying off debts and saving money for whatever your heart desires. With this easy-to-use budget planner, you will have all your finances together in one place for optimal organization.

Stay on track using the expense tracker, which allows you to stay on top of every penny and know exactly where your money is going. There are writing prompts about whether you met your goals for the month and why or why not.

You can learn to break any of your bad spending habits and start saving money. Keeping track of your progress with this planner will motivate you to spend and save your money more wisely. When you are on top of your finances you will be stress-free and live a happier life.

This modern designed leather-like book features a hardcover and pen holder. There is an accordion pocket in the back to store and keep track of receipts and bills. It comes with 86 stickers to mark when bills are due, which money is going to savings or spending, and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and organized.

If you’re not sure where to start, the Clever Fox Budget Planner comes with a user manual. The manual features examples of how to best use the planners to suit your needs. You can plan your goals, track your previous spending, and draw up a budget that will improve your lifestyle.

There are pages to track your debt, log strategy tactics, tracking savings, every month for a year. And each planner comes with a money-back guarantee because the company is sure that you will be satisfied. The no-bleed paper allows you to use any pen you’d like to write down your progress and any potential setbacks that may have occurred.

Budgeting Make Sense Now

After struggling with budgeting for years the CleverFox Budget Planner has made it easy to understand and plan my finances. There is space to write goals and I can keep track of the progress I’ve made.

Extremely User-Friendly!

As a budget newbie, this planner is user-friendly and saves me from feeling overwhelmed. You will be very happy with this planner.

I Love This Planner

The CleverFox planner adds structure to my finances. The monthly review helps me plan and the prompts encourage me to better understand any fluctuations in my budget. Plus the company has wonderful customer service.

I Highly Recommend This Planner

I was able to pay off my smallest credit card sooner than expected thanks to this planner. I recommend it for creating a budget that is easy to stick with.

Just What I Needed

The layout is easy to adapt to and I love the layout with its various goal features. There is room to personalize this planner to your heart’s content.


  • The monthly budget review section allows you to track the previous month’s balance and calculate your current month’s spending allowance.
  • Writing prompts let you track your accomplishments and analyze where you may have fallen short.
  • The expense tracker allows you to keep careful track of all of your spending so you don’t overspend.
  • A monthly budget page will have you planning your finances down to the penny. This not only lets you know where your money is being spent, but you will also be able to track how much you will have left over for savings.
  • The savings and debt tracker will help you know how much you have, and how much you owe, and be able to better decide where you’d like your money to go.


  • At just over eight inches, the planner may not easily fit into your bag. However, there is an expandable back pocket to store receipts until you have the time to sit down and track them.
  • The spaces to write in are a little small so if you have larger handwriting you want to consider that.
  • You cannot add pages to the debt and savings tracker, so if you spend often, you may find yourself running out of space to keep track of your spending.
  • There are no replacements for the stickers once you have used them all.

Get Your Finances on Track Today

All the benefits of the Clever Fox Budget Planner make it a sound investment for getting your finances exactly where you want them. You will be guided on how to set up a budget, what to plan for when to save, and when to spend.

This planner will create a sense of motivation, responsibility, and pride to keep track of your finances, which will lead to a healthier, stress-free life.

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